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High-Quality Angus Beef from Cowboy Country, USA

Raised on grass and wide open spaces.

Finished for premium taste on organic corn.

High-Quality Angus Beef

Cowboy Prime Meat Co is a new spin on the old days of the butcher shop. We deliver to your doorstep pure ranch-raised, USA, premium-quality Angus beef. Beef that is raised with care in the wide-open spaces, finished on organic corn for exceptional taste, and processed at our trusted USDA-certified butcher. Absolutely no nasty fillers, no middle guys, no game-y taste. Simply great, health-giving beef.

Angus Beef Raised in Cowboy Country, USA

Raised on Grass and Wide-Open Spaces

Finished for Premium Taste on Organic Corn

How It Works

We Raise.

Your beef is raised with care in the wide open spaces for premium taste and marbling.

We Process.

Beef is processed with our trusted, custom butcher and freeze stored at the ranch.

You Choose.

Order your choice of our curated boxes, weekly specials, and soon to come subscription service.

We Deliver.

Beef to your doorstep. Cook and enjoy!

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