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Our Family

Tommy has been involved in agriculture his entire life. He’s an Oklahoma native, previous dairy farmer turned rancher. He’s an engineer at heart, a problem solver, and can fix anything. Most recently, he designed a new product, which we call the Stock Step, a concrete-pad system for around cattle water tanks.

Briana, on the other hand, was never near a cow in her life prior to Tom. She’s a Minnesota girl, graduate of the University of Minnesota, Veteran of the US Air Force National Guard, and always dreamt of living on a ranch. She is proof that anything is possible through God’s goodness.

Together, we have a passel of ranch kids that love to help and be a part of everything. God has blessed us with this opportunity to live and work together as a team, and raise our family and critters in the wide open spaces.

After many years in the making, we are so grateful to be at the point where we can offer our ranch-raised beef to America.

Thank you so much for stopping by. We are honored that you are here!