Know Where Your Food Comes From & Choose USA Beef!

Five Reasons

You Should Order Cowboy Prime Beef to Your Door:


Know where your food comes from.

With all the additives in food that most people don’t even realize are there, it’s more important than ever to know where your food comes from, how it’s raised, and how it’s processed.


Healthy Red Meat.

Gain the health benefits of high-quality red meat without sacrificing taste – raised on native grass, the way God intended it, and finished on organic corn for exceptional taste and marbling.


Connect to Ranch Country USA.

Tap into the western way of life and cowboy country through our family and your food.


Be a Patriot.

It’s time to put AMERICA first…in beef and in everything. Choose USA beef over grocery-store foreign beef imports, and gigantic meat processing plants – many of which are owned by foreign companies. Enjoy knowing that you are helping the American agricultural industry thrive, which is at the core of our economy.


Make Life Easy.

Skip the stress at the grocery store. We can help make your meat purchases enjoyable and convenient.